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NHRA Member Track Programs: 2003 NHRA Street Legal program

In the early 1950s, NHRA founder Wally Parks began working with law-enforcement agencies around the country to entice illegal street racers onto dry lakes and abandoned runways where more organized competition could be staged. Today, NHRA continues to combat illegal street racing through its Street Legal program.

At the urging of Southern California law-enforcement agencies, NHRA in 1994 began a high-profile and closely scrutinized program of events for street-legal cars and motorcycles in Southern California. Since then, thousands of potential illegal street racers throughout the country have turned to their local dragstrips.

Only legitimate street-legal machines are permitted to participate. Fully rigged race cars are turned away, though some Street Legal events may permit open exhausts and/or drag slicks. Though it varies from track to track, most Street Legal venues feature time trials and grudge racing only. Grudge racing permits participants to choose their competition rather than participate in an organized eliminator. Win or lose, participants may return to the staging lanes for more time trials or grudge runs.