About Lucas Oil Products

Lucas Oil Products was founded by Forrest Lucas and his wife, Charlotte, in 1989 after Forrest spent 20 years as a truck driver and owner of a nationwide long-haul trucking fleet. They experienced firsthand the need for better lubricants and fuel treatments to maintain their equipment.

Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil has established itself as a top-selling additive line in the American trucking and automotive retail industries. Understanding the need for certain types of products in the trucking and automotive industries, Forrest went to work developing two products to add to the already extensive line of premium oils, greases, and problem-solving additives.

The new Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer, a product that is light enough for an import yet tough enough for a semi, provides many of the key benefits of the Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and can be used with synthetic and non-synthetic oils. It provides the extra protection needed for engines that require synthetic or lighter-weight oils while eliminating the noise and wear associated with these oils. It eliminates dry starts in engines, cuts internal friction for more power, and stands up to high temperatures and pressure under extreme situations. This is a pure synthetic product and will not void warranties.

Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer is for all hard-working and high-performance engines, transmissions, and gear boxes, especially in new and used heavy-duty trucks and equipment. It can also replace limited-slip-differential additives. Another key application for this product is the control of heat and wear in motorcycles, air-cooled engines, and all drivetrain components.

The other product recently introduced is the Lucas Oil Octane Booster, a performance enhancer that has been tested to deliver three times more boost than most other brands. It is safe for turbos, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters and is suitable for use in fuel-injected, carbureted, throttle-body, and rotary engines.

Lucas Oil Octane Booster eliminates spark knocks, pinging, and dieseling while promoting clean fuel burn for fewer emissions and better mileage. It also contains upper-cylinder lubricants that ensure easier piston travel and valve-seat protection and ensure maximum life and performance from pumps, injectors, and carburetors.

The Lucas story has been built on hard work, an unparalleled line of premium products, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This simple formula for success will continue to guide Lucas Oil Products as it grows in the years to come.

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